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Assertive AF: Learn how to become your own best advocate

Assertive AF: Learn how to become your own best advocate

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Have you ever felt yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? Are you always putting other people’s needs before your own? Do you struggle to advocate for yourself in the workplace and in relationships? Do you self-identify as a people-pleaser?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Assertive AF: A Communia Study Session, designed to help you learn to put yourself first.

This is a self-directed PDF e-course where you’ll learn how to assert yourself in every day situations, in relationships, in the workplace, and even in your online interactions. You can work through the four modules one by one or all at once: just take it at your own pace, and come back to the exercises whenever you need. Remember, becoming more assertive is a long-term self-development goal and will take time. Be patient with yourself, you’ve got this! 

Included within are over 100 pages of beautifully designed, painstakingly researched content from the Communia team - women who are experts at self expression. Become your own best advocate with us, and download the app for even more support. 

Plus, we've included three aesthetic wallpapers with key assertive mantras for FREE with purchase!

You will receive your downloadables via the email you associate with your order and on the page confirming your purchase. Don't see it immediately? Check your spam!

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