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Explore our first Merch collection inspired by our corporate move to the USA!

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"We wanted a collection that really felt as warm and cozy as our app. Something that hugs you back"

Olivia DeRamus| Founder, Communia

Communia in the wild

  • Small Runs

    All of our product was designed and made with waste in mind. We used existing stock and ordered small amounts to provide a collection that was as beautiful on you as it was kind to the earth.

  • Supplier Diversity

    We partner with a Black-Woman owned product design house and fulfillment facility to use our merchandise to create more equity in the world. We've also used small local vendors wherever possible for screen printing and sewing.

  • Revive Program

    We encourage your to reach out to revive@ourcommunia.com if you reach the end of life with any of your Communia Merch. We are happy to facilitate in donating the goods to local organizations who need them.

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Communia is the social media network building a better digital world for women. It's a complete safe space community of care where you can be your most unedited self.

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